What is Shot Peening and How Does It Differ From Shot Blasting?

In the manufacture of any metal part, it is likely that either shot blasting or shot peening are used in order to produce a specific desired effect on the metal work. Shot blasting and shot peening work in a similar way, in that they shoot material at metal work at high pressure in order to produce a desired effect. However, there are differences between these two metal work techniques. In this blog post, we define what shot peening is, and how it differs from shot blasting.

What is peening?

To understand  shot blast machine, it is first important to know what peening means. Peening is the action used in order to strengthen the material properties of metal by the application of stress to the metals surface.

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What is shot peening?

Shot peening creates the action of a ball-peen hammer on the surface of the metal with each blast. The action of shot peening makes the metal part targeted stronger and more resistant to cracks, weakening and corrosion. Shot peening is also a technique adopted in order to produce a textured surface finish to a metal.

What shots are used?

A number of materials can be used in shot peening, including steel, ceramic and glass shots. Shot peening is a popular technique used in metal work because the shots are reusable, meaning that it is both efficient and cost effective.

What’s the difference?

From what we have discussed so far, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between shot blasting and shot peening. This is because the differences predominantly lie in the end result of the metal which has been treated. Metal products often undergo both shot blasting and shot peening on the production line, as both techniques lead to specific results on the metal:

  • Shot blasting is mainly used for the cleaning and smoothing of a piece of metal.
  • Shot peening enhances the plasticity of metal in order to prolong part life.

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